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The Features website is a live resource. Both the content and the structure of the Features website, in particular the Feature Inventory, will be updated on a regular basis. We hope that the users of this website will help us improve it by sharing their expertise with us. Comments, corrections and contributions to the website are very welcome and will be gratefully acknowledged.

Please send your comments to: anna @

Currently, we will be dealing with contributions by incorporating them into particular entries ourselves. However, we hope that the Features website may, in time, become part of 'Web 2.0' with more direct participation of the community.

In the meantime, we may decide to publish some general comments, and encourage public discussion of issues. If this happens, the Contact Page will become a gateway to a moderated discussion forum. Please keep checking our front page for announcements.

With many thanks,

– Anna Kibort & Greville Corbett

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